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Whether you’re just in the mood to try your hand at some table games or enjoy the thrill of hitting it big on the slots, casinos have everything to offer. In addition to the best casino games, you’ll also find top-notch hotels, spas, restaurants and live entertainment. So what are the secrets to making the most of your casino experience? Read on to find out more about how casinos work their magic and keep you coming back for more.

A casino’s atmosphere is intentionally designed to be a bit skewed in order to make it more fun. For example, lights are brighter and slot machines use noises of pennies dropping (even though they stopped using coins a long time ago). This all plays on our senses to make us more excited and interested. It also helps distract us from the fact that we’re losing money and makes it harder to leave.

Another way casinos trick you is by removing all indicators of time. This prevents you from realising that you’ve been there for hours and needs to get some air or food before it’s too late.

A third tactic is to give players comps, or free stuff, based on how much they play. This can include free hotel rooms, dinners and tickets to shows. It’s also a great way to keep the action going, and to encourage people to gamble even more. This is why you might see a casino offering free drinks and snacks to customers. This keeps them spending more money and playing longer, which is exactly what the casino wants!